Summer 2017 Bucket List ft. Saipan

summer 2017 bucketlist

Prior to coming home for the summer, I realized how there were so many things I missed out on because they were things I sort of took for granted — things I never thought I should do prior to leaving home because I knew they’d always be there. I was wrong. While I was away for college, I realized how there was so much I actually miss; so much I could have done while I was home. Thus, I created a bucket list for my summer here in Saipan (of which I wrote down in the month of June). This bucket list will be an ongoing list of what I hope to be able to do while I’m here until near the end of July. So as a side note, I’ll constantly be editing my bucket list if I’ve accomplished it or not: crossed off = accomplished!!!

My Summer in Saipan Bucket List

  • Swim in Grotto
  • Go to Managaha Island
  • Go to Agingan Point Look Out
  • Drive up to Mt. Tapochao
  • Stop by Micro Beach
  • Visit Suicide Cliff
  • Hike to Bird Island
  • Visit Obyan Beach
  • Visit Last Command Post
  • Hike to Forbidden Island
  • Stop by Lau Lau Beach
  • Go to the Thursday Street Market
  • Visit Old Man by the Sea
  • Go to Jeffrey’s Beach
  • Stop by Ladder Beach
  • Visit the New Inos Peace Park 
  • Swim at World Resort’s Water Park
  • Swim at Pacific Island’s Club’s Water Park
  • Visit Banzai Cliff
  • Relax at Mandi Asian Spa
  • Swim at East Bay
  • Swim at Bantalon
  • Go Parasailing
  • Go Stand-up Paddle Board
  • Go Kayaking
  • Go Skydiving
  • Swim with Sting Rays at Sea Touch
  • Go Snorkeling
  • ATV!!!!!! @ Let’s Go Saipan
  • Check out Saipan Katori Shrine
  • Go Dolphin/Whale-watching
  • Go to Liberation Day Parade